Credit and Debit Card, CVV Track 1 and 2 Data Discovery

ControlCase Data Discovery enables large and small businesses and organizations to find credit and debit card data that could be stored in their systems in violation of the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS)

Finding credit card data is one of the key and initial steps needed for compliance with the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standard (DSS). The standard clearly prohibits storage of card holder data in an unencrypted manner.

ControlCase Data Discovery (CDD) addresses this key need and was one of the first comprehensive scanners that not only searches for credit card data on file systems, but also in most commercial and open source databases.

CDD very rapidly helps define the scope of a PCI assessment or certification and helps concentrate the efforts of the assessment. It usually is an eye-opener for many organizations who are surprised by the unintended proliferation of credit card data within organizations once CDD scans their environment. That discovery helps organizations control the storage of the data or implement means to encrypt the data.

Key Features

  • Find unencrypted credit card data in common types of files – Word Documents, Excel Spreadsheets. CDD is not constrained by file types, rather it allows you to search the whole hard disk for credit card data (even custom file types)
  • Find credit card data in network shares
  • Find credit card data across the WHOLE network from one location. CDD needs Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Domain level credentials and using those credentials, you can search for card data on desktops, laptops, servers etc all from one location.
  • Convenience of searching from one place, no need to go to each desktop/laptop to search for data
  • Find credit card data in most popular commercial and open source databases such as Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Sybase etc.
  • Extremely fast and uses very few resources – network or CPU resources
  • Find Track 1 and Track 2, PIN, Card Verification Data (CVD), Card Verification Value (CVV or CVV2), Card Verification Value Code (CVVC), Card Verification Code (CVC or CVC2), Verification Code (V-Code or V Code), or Card Code Verification (CCV) data
  • Find prohibited credit card data in the Recycle Bin

CDD is available in various versions ranging from FREE Desktop editions to Enterprise grade solutions. Click here to find out more about the various versions


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